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Welcome to, the official page of O.H.I.O.  

This site was developed for the true Buckeye, those who  live and breath scarlet and gray. We welcome  and invite you to take a look around and to listen. We encourage you to download O.H.I.O. from our store and to play it at your next Buckeye football party.


The song, O.H.I.O., was written by " The Doctor", aka Ken  Cossin, Jr. Doc is an Ohio native, having been born and raised in Columbus. In years past he was a member of the OSU Rugby Football Club, and his pride  for the school still shows.


Doc's  true passion has always been his music,  having played and entertained across the country and overseas.

He was a staff writer at a prominent Nashville publishing company, Cedarwood, then becoming Denny Music Group.


For the last several years he has written and recorded for Motivation Plus Publishing, BMI, and remains their top writer, having numerous songs recorded by various artists.


We hope you enjoy O.H.I.O., and a sampling of "The Doctor's"  other rockin' country songs available on this site.